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Something about us

We provide the perfect match beetween people.

Technological rib of Westhouse group GmbH, strong of the experience of its professionals, HTTH Group starts a process of independence from the parent company that sees, for the beginning of 2020 the birth of its own brand, IT infrastructure and database as well.

HTTH group specializes in recruiting, hiring ICT and engineering personnel and designing digital transformation solutions for each type of company.

Our Customers & business partners

Network of partners. A solid group of stakeholders that have chosen us and that we have chosen to ensure maximum quality, synergy and personalization.
Every person and project is unique.

Our Values: who | what | how | why

Who: A Tomorrow Company

HTTH Group is a SMART and fully cloud company. We makes transparency, innovation and loyalty the common denominators of our own activity.

What: HTTH Is High Tech Talent Hub

HTTH Group finds the best solutions for candidates and companies. It allows the meeting between professionals and organizations, finding the perfect equilibrium.

How: Takes care about the FUTURE.

HTTH Group undertakes to use the founding principle of the CARE in every activity. For people (candidates and HR), for solutions, for projects, for the environment that surrounds us.

Why: Constant Commitment

Why HTTH Group? To be the protagonist of continuous change, to allow people to realize their dreams, to make the world an increasingly beautiful and close place.

What are you looking for?

Experts HR are ready to find what you are looking for. Keep in touch!

Musa Gialla
Brutto Muso
Musa Gialla
Brutto Muso

You Future. We care.

Are you looking for a new job position in ICT field? Are you looking for internal staffing? Freelance for new projects? Don’t worry, we care about it.